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Thread: rude people

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    rude people

    I just checked this thread: and I wonder why people take time on answer that kind of rude questions. The guy never says "please" or "thank you", but he is full of insults to community "losers", "morons", etc ...

    I mean, I like the forums, I like to try to help others with linux and to learn a lot with brilliant people here, because I really like the community around linux and free/open software, but I really dislike people demanding help on that way, insulting others, saying "this program is a s*t or those guys are losers because x or y", and people who don't understand that this IS a community of majority volunteers.

    If they don't like something inside linux, there are 3 options: (1) try to help and improve/fix, (2) just wait until somebody fix the bug or (3) just leave and return to use what they like (e.g. go back to windows, I don't care)... but never insult people.

    Well, just my opinion.

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    It's just the way some people talk. I tend not to answer rude questions myself but I guess the people who do are just extra nice. There is always the thought that by answering the question it may help out someone else later who finds the post and isn't so rude
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