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    Some problems with using the forums

    Hi, All, I just joined

    this time Igot here by following a search for LINUX-BASED DAW

    I will tell you and ask you more about this in my next post but for now, some aspects that I bumped into and that that surprised me and i wonder whether it's me the newby or soomething with my computer (windows XP) or... with the site..

    1) when logging in , I type in my ID and then use TAB to move tpothe next field, the password... except that TAB does not move me to the next field, the password but to the bottom of the page... anybody else seen that? is this a LINUX "feature" or is it about me and my setup? I mean "everybody" who is in the slightest keyboard-oriented uses TAB to move to the next field... don't they?

    2)I got logged in and I tried to reply to the welcome message and the syustem told me that I was not logged in and would need to log in first

    3) I tried to reply to an earlier post and I used the option to quote the previous message and when I tried to post muy message the system blocked me with an error message that until I have made 15 posts I am not allowed to polt links to outside the site
    And I had included no links whatsoever in my comments... eventually, I realised that there were links in the previous message, I had quoted and that the system is so.... not smart to identify the fact that I had not entered the links byt they were quoted at my reqyest... I removed the quote tick and the message went through..
    Voila, lucky me ... or silly me?

    Tell me the truth but please be gentle

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Check this thread for more information about how the forums work, getting logged out prematurely, and possible work arounds for the 15-post error message that you received:

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