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    How to get 2nd opnion about moderator's decision?

    Does anyone know what the procedure is
    to ask for a second opinion about a
    moderator's decision?
    There is a moderator who keeps deleting
    my posts, saying that they are against
    forum rules. However, I have read the
    forum rules and do not understand what
    is wrong with my posts, and this moderator
    will not explain in what way they are a
    violation of the forum rules.
    If this is the way things are going to be
    in these forums, then I'll post elsewhere.

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    Hello, thomas.hedden

    I'm not the moderator that deleted your threads, but I can answer your question above.

    For all practical purposes, all decisions of a Moderator are final as laid out in the Forum Rules. That said, you can always PM a moderator for a second opinion, but it's doubtful that any one Moderator would be willing to attempt to override the decision of another. There is a possibility that a Moderator might wish to bring the matter to the Admin Forum for discussion. However, I can't say how any such discussion might turn out.

    I'm going to lock this now seeing as the topic of this thread has been answered, but also because we don't allow members to use the forums for venting against forum administrators. Please note that I'm not indicating that was your intent.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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