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    Thumbs down "FREE" (cough, cough) magazines????

    I have had a look at this and it sucks:

    Free IT Publications

    * Implementing Detailed User-Level Auditing of UNIX & Linux Systems
    * Linux from Scratch
    * A Complete Beginner's Manual for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
    * The Incredible Guide to NEW Ubuntu (Karmic Koala)
    * The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration
    * A Newbie's Getting Started Guide to Linux
    * Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache - Free 191 Page Preview

    More Free Magazines and Whitepapers

    The 3 reasons why this sucks is:

    1. Free denotes that it comes without commitment and obligation.

    These are NOT free - one is obliged to fill out a very extensive marketing questionair - BEFORE one is "allowed" to get the "free" magazine.

    2. The questionair it's self is both intrusive and broad ranging - and it's a "sticky nosing" questionair. It's excessively probing. It's like a CIA personality profile test.

    3. It's also dishonest marketing - is it a case of go to a page, and download the "free" magazines? Nooooo

    Your getting lied too.

    You HAVE TO fill out a very very extensive targeted marketing survey and then you get the mostly HO-HUM and kind of short 6 page linux "power users" manual.

    So why does this company / organisation lie too, and mislead, and then demand that people fill out every question of what seems like a 200 item questionair, just to get a "FREE" pamphlet?

    Why do the people who run the "Linux Forums" lie too and mislead people?

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    Hello, Jammit

    The best way to reach those in control of the publications/magazines section is to use the Contact Us link found in the lower-left corner of this webpage and others on the website, but I'll also forward notice of your thread and concerns through the proper channels.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    It's not a FREE magazine / tutorial / whatever.

    The "FREE magazine" is not FREE, it's the BAIT to get you to fill out one of the biggest, longest, most intrusive and most deceitful marketing surveys ever created.

    And that is all it is - it's a cheap skate bait to lure people into taking the survey.

    It's a conjob.

    People who pull stunts like that don't deserve "discrete" reminders - they deserve kicking for consumer manipulation and outright lying.

    Hence the posting.

    Free = Not.

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    Hello, Jammit...

    you've pretty much said all that already so it's obvious that you are just trolling now and that isn't allowed.

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