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    [SOLVED] high CPU use

    I'm on Debian/Squeeze using Iceweasel 3.5.16; no special tweaks, just the standard pkgs from the repo. Within the last few days, whenever I visit Linux Forums Iceweasel jumps to between 60% and 100%, and stays there.

    Thought it might be an issue with NoScript settings so I disabled it; no change. Ran top. Today, 'firefox-bin' used 100% while the page loaded, then droped to 60%-70% after it loaded. Yesterday it was 'xulrunner-stub' with high CPU use. At the bottom of the browser window, where "loading" is, there is constant activity, as if the ads are constantly reloading. A week or a month ago, any Linux Forums page would load in several seconds and at the bottom it would read "Done."

    Googling found some bugs filed on Firefox, but I'm posting because Linux Forums seems to be the only site where this happens. Today I visited a number of my bookmarked sites and I'm not seeing high CPU use in email, a dozen other forums, several news sites or anywhere else.

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

    Interesting. Just logged in to post this and no more high CPU use. Any ideas (other than always log in )?
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    I'm not sure what might be going on, but do you think it might be related to problem reported in the following thread?

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    Read your response and checked to see if 'delivery/ajs.php' (thread you linked) was among the cookies, but it wasn't. Wasn't in any other places where browser stuff is saved, either.

    Odd thing is, there's no more high CPU usage... page loads, reads 'Done' at the bottom and CPU use quickly drops back to less than 5%. Noticed it happening for two days and now its back to normal. Glad it is, but no idea what caused it. If it happens again I'll post, but at this point its a non-issue.

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