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Thread: New Software...

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    New Software...

    Hi - I have been logged out before i can finish a post. I one case i was allowed to log back in and continue, in the other I <i>lost</i> a completed post. We are talking less than a few minutes here.

    1. went to post reply - told not logged in (which i had done just before starting reply). logged in and was put right back as should be.

    2. different post - short reply - went to quick post and was told i did not have permission. went to top and saw i was not logged in - logged in (third time in maybe 15 mins) and was taken back to the blank reply form.

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    Sessions are currently set to expire in 15 minutes, but if you check the "Remember Me" box before logging in, you should never get logged out unless you delete your browser cookies. Note that the Remember Me box on the forum index page is still broken and not able to be checked with the mouse, but you can tab to it and then use the spacebar to check it. The other Remember Me boxes found on the forums should work as intended.

    Hope this helps, and thanks for the feedback.

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