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    Broken feature: "Post New Thread"

    I have less than 15 posts and I cannot post URLs, that's fair enough.

    I wrote a long post (with no URL and nothing resembling a URL) and I cannot post it because this stupid forum rejects as having URLs.

    I can only assume they are URLs the stupid advertising on this stupid forum is adding to my post, resulting in stupid rejection.

    And for the record, its not fair enough, its a damned stupid forum rule.

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    It is likely that something in your post resembles a URL. It is easy enough to "mangle" such so that they are still readable yet produce no live links. I would agree that the parser that traps that stuff should highlight the words or phrase that caused the problem. So, consider this a suggestion to the site maintenance group.
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    I acknowledge that and I went through my post carefully to remove anything that might be mistaken for a URL.

    I even removed unnecessary punctuation for smilies and that didn't help.

    Ironically it was a post about regex. I wasn't discussing url-matching, but the url matching on this site either needs more fixing than my code does, or there is some stupid javascript replacing keywords with URL/adverts in my post on or before I submit it.

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    I'm testing my hypothesis with some blurb:
    PHP Code:
    microsoft virtual machine found with oracle on google or yahoo without a url 
    Edit: It posted, so I don't know why it rejected my new thread..

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormbind View Post
    I acknowledge that and I went through my post carefully to remove anything that might be mistaken for a URL.
    Hello and welcome!

    It's usually an overlooked @ symbol that is being overlooked causing the forum software not to accept a post.

    Oops... you posted again while I was replying. I'll try your code above on a test account to see if it lets me post.

    Edit: okay, I've just tested it and it allowed me to post just fine. One other thing to note is that it will not allow the use of BB code URL tags until you have made at least 15 posts on the board. Some of this is discussed further in our New Member FAQ:

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    You said the @ symbol is confused with URLs, why? (this obviously isn't true at the moment because I am posting the symbol)

    But assuming it was true yesterday, when would "[@]" make some text a valid URL? My original post (not the test post above) did include a script with @ command for arrays. Why would the site policy prevent a person who signs up to use the scripting forum, from posting a script (Bash, Perl, etc.)?

    I have tried some manual tests on this BBS. It seems a newbie can post protocol, IP address, port, path, file, and query (i.e. http:/ which is much closer to a properly formatted URL than a non-word symbol. Furthermore, my browser will resolve \\ as //, and / as // so the URL works using copy & paste.

    What is the point of the filtering feature anyway? The BBS allows newbies to attach images using a URL, which could be sinister:
    i.e. welcome_microsoft.png
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