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    I wouldn't read to much into it at this point, guys.
    At this point, we're waiting to hear back from the guys who run the Forums to find out if they have noticed anything out of the ordinary happening.
    Once we hear something definitive, we'll pass along an update on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    This is Murga Forums (puppy linux) tonight after a botnet attack I bet (just guessing after a 6 pack of beer)

    SQL injection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I say this because of "Error #1
    SQL requests not achieved"

    "SQL injection + DDoS attacks[5]"

    Right now Puppy Forums is down.
    That looks more like the maximum number of database connections has been reached than SQLi
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    This morning, between 8 and 9 am CST, the same thing must have happened again because while we usually have around 1,200 to 1,500 total users browsing the website, that number started to grow rapidly and every 20 seconds or so as I'd check the visitor count, it would grow by an additional several hundred visitors. It went up to at least 6,012 visitors with only 8 to 10 members, but at that point I had to attend something else and didn't get back to check it again until about 9:12 am, only to find that the number was dropping back toward the normal visitor count. I'm not sure how high it reached before it started to drop again, but it didn't set another new record.

    This event might be nothing to be concerned over, but I'm posting the above details just in case they might help someone to track down the source of all the additional traffic. Should it turn out to be search engine bots causing the additional traffic, it would be nice if their visits didn't count in the visitor totals so that a more accurate count of "real user" activity can be reflected in the Currently Active Users stats.

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