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    What's up with TradePub downloads?

    What's up with TradePub? I try downloading the freebies from my LinuxForums emails, fill out the form, fill in the gotcha, and TradePub tells me my email address isn't valid. I've double-checked my info, copy/pasted all my fields, RoboForm'ed my fields, REtyped my fields, but still TP says my address isn't valid. I'm pasting in the FOURTH & FIFTH emails I've sent TP's webmaster. Can someone here help me, please?
    #4 Site welcomes me back by name, but tells me my email address is incorrect, no matter how many times I type, copy/paste, or autofill. And since it welcomes me back, why do I need to refill forms every time I try to download?

    #5 STILL!!! My email address IS correct, but your site keeps insisting it's not a valid address. Seems your "free" downloads are a ploy to get info, and I'm NOT HAPPY with how difficult it is to get a file from TradePub. I've written you (the "WebMaster") several times, and have yet to receive a response. Oh, perhaps because YOU don't recognize my address, but my other subscriptions, whitepapers, emails, and spams come into my inbox??? And, NO, TradePub is NOT in my filters as spam! Looking forward to a reply (again, "looking").

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    Hello and Welcome.
    Myself and the Admin team here have no control over that section of the Forums and if you are having problems you might want to utilize the "Contact Us" Link at the bottom of every page to get in contact with those who do have control of that section. We're Sorry about your troubles and we hope everything works out okay.
    Do let us know if you resolve this one way or the other.
    I do not respond to private messages asking for Linux help, Please keep it on the forums only.
    All new users please read this.** Forum FAQS. ** Adopt an unanswered post.

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    I made a new contact (user) on TradePub's homepage. My new user has the IDENTICAL information, other than "MY" name (including my email address). I downloaded 2 files from their homepage to be sure I could download, and "sure as sh**", I got both. I went back to my LinuxForums emails and downloaded the ones I had been after. And, even though I changed my user name, their site welcomed me back as my previous name... I dunno, but, I got them. Thank you folks for responding to my plea. I've been a reader since 2008, and this is the 1st time I've asked for help (mostly because someone else has had my problems before me), but, at least I DID get a reply! Thank you again! BTW, PCLinuxOS KDE(since '0 dualbooting on 3 laptops with XP & W7, Kubuntu on 1 tri-boot (soon to be replaced by Zorin-OS).

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