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Thread: To Forum Sysop

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    To Forum Sysop

    This is to inform you that you have a user named "habit" that is trekking through this forum causing problems. Please look at this individuals history of forum comments and make your decision regarding their membership accordingly.


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    interesting that you chose to start a thread about this, instead of just using the report button.
    it suggests to me that you want to discuss the issue.

    if you hang out here a while you will find out that moderation is close to non-existent, and if you want a civil forum you might need to look elsewhere.

    habit is a sort of aggressive troll, but also often right in content if not in manners.

    anyhow, if you ask me there's many different types of offensive forum behavior, including but not limited to:

    excessive necrobumping
    thread hijacking
    creating identical posts on various forums
    creating many pointless posts just to increase one's post count (maybe in the false hope that one would gain some sort of benefit from that)
    off-topic posting
    posting only to advertise something commercial, or even illegal
    asking for handouts (i.e. not showing any effort, a.k.a helpdesk mentality)
    flaming/dissing/complaining without actual content


    a lot of that is going on on these forums.

    why did you single out one user?

    PS: also look at the links in my signature.

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    yeah nihili, the list you posted seems to cover jwzumwalt pretty well. he neglects to mention that hes been doing crap like this in forums for at least 8 yrs now. funny after all that time he cant write a script on his own. and your right, I do save my manners for those in person and even then folks like jwzumwalt wont get them because theyre lazy and/or liars. his thread about his 'radio station" is typical. was spoon fed what to look for (linux command line mp3 players) and told to look up how to do bash scripting. cant seem to do it. too hard. after all hes only got 8 yrs. experience and is supposedly a 'retired dba programmer"....

    but wait! wasnt he a schoolteacher just a few years back?
    Recommendation for mail server | Unix Linux Forums | UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

    ...or a programmer even further back??

    ...or an 'aerospace engineer" and a pilot???

    Im confident that 'astronaut" and 'best selling author" is in there somewhere too. funny with all this skill experience and knowledge, he whines like a little child because someone is mean to him. and he cant write a simple script or perform a google search even when given what to look for and pseudo code on how to do it.
    Last edited by habit; 06-23-2017 at 11:42 AM.

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    I'm with habit on this one. It's obvious this fella has been trolling forums looking for handouts for a very long time. I will help anyone that at least attempts to help themselves (and actually reads the advice they're given) but folks like this fella tend to irritate me...
    Are you a clueless Kali user? If you can't get Kali running on your own, it ain't the right distro for you.

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