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    Members posting in wrong forum

    I know under the Linux Forums Site News / Comments / Feedback / Suggestions forum it used to say "DO NOT POST LINUX QUESTIONS HERE" and jasonlambert removed it because people ignored it. It seems it's still happening, and I suggest this forum is placed at the bottom and Linux Newbie be placed at the top. That way, people who just post their question in the first forum on the list end up posting in the newbie section. Besides, the newbie forum gets a lot more posts than this one, so maybe it would be appropriate if the less popular forums were near the bottom.

    Just a suggestion.

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    That's a good idea, I've also noticed a few people posting questions here, which is really annoying. You're probably right that the reason for this is that it is at the top of the forum index, and sits alone, in it's own catagory, perhaps rather than placing it at the very bottom it be put at the top of the misc catagory

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    i agree, there does seem to be questions being posted here, maybe on the home page there could be a READ THIS FISRT BEFORE POSTING link or something of a reference
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    These people are quickly repremanded with a link to though, but that's a good idea. then again I think these users should have to pass a test on the rules before joining :P haha

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    maybe this forum thread could be at the bottom instead of the top and the general topics at the top and distros and bsd in the middle. and have this thread grouped in with the coffee house and wanted section but in that sup group have this forum at the top before coffee house.

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    Im not going to re-order the forum listing as i think they work reasonably well at the moment. Until a few months ago we did have the GNU/Linux zone above the distro specific sections, but then I changed it around after feedback from you guys.

    What i will do, however:
    - Make a read only announcements forum (still at the top of the forum listing) that only myself and moderator's will be able to create threads in.
    - Make a suggestions/feedback forum section next to the coffee lounge.

    I've been thinking about this for some time, as the frontpage center column "site news" contain's user suggestions which is not really site news.

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    Except now the anouncment forum responds with "Only Moderators Can Read This Forum"
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    ^^^^What he said it proly has something to do with jason and the gang moving this forum to the bottom proly get fixed in the a.m. or sometime like that
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    I like the change Jason, I hope we don't get any more linux questions in this section
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    what is linux?
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