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    'Views' Count


    I posted one Question in Mandriva Linux Category. The point is when i click o the topic the View Count increasing by 2, i.e before it is 12 when i click once it changed to 14..

    Becuase i am the User who Posted that perticular topic, the count should not increase, even if it meant to increase, it should increment by 1.

    Please notice this.

    Topic: PHP Oracle 9i Configure
    Forum: Mandriva Linux Help


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    I agree that users should not cause there posts views to be incremented, but they do go up by one remeber you are not the only person in the forum so maybe someone viewed the post at the same time as you incrementing the count.

    eg. your view is +1 then the user viewing at the same time is +1 that is 2 views but you think only you viewed the post but really another user has aswell, get me?

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    view count is incremented regardless of who viewed the topic, i think this applies to most/all forum software.

    With regards to view count being incremented by more than 1, this is sometimes the result of robotic activity.


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