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Thread: Font colours

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    Font colours

    duno if its just me
    but i dont actually feel that font colours should be used
    i feel it is slightly off putting
    i duno if any1 has the same feeling
    if not ignore me

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    If you are talking about font colors when used in threads/posts, I agree to a point.

    Using them to highlight a word or phrase doesn't bother me, but when they use a color for their entire post, it annoys me so I simply skip reading that post and move onto the next one. It's really bothersome when they post their entire message in red.

    Guess you might even say, "it makes me see red".

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    I completely agree with this whole thread!

    But seriously this is annoying, i mean, it hurts my eyes.

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    I know exactly what you guys mean , nah, but seriously i agree, ti is annoying as you can see by this post

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    If someone has written a post entirly in red or another color (with the exception of the one above this) feel free to use the report to moderator function.


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