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    Wink Egosearch and Unanswered

    To my displeasure... I log in after 7 days of inactivity, and I see there is a new admin and a new forum system...

    While making this post, I realize there are not even smilies or Im missing the obvious...

    Anyway, something I love about phpBB is the egosearch link.
    And, in this forum, I liked the unanswered posts link

    The first one, well, is a shortcut to see the posts you have posted/replied to, and I like that.
    The second one, is the quick way to help people who have pending questions (0 replies)...

    I know that I can simply use the advanced search feature now...

    For the egosearch: Search by User Name-> darklordsatan-> Search Now Button

    For the unanswered posts: Find Threads with-> At Most-> Search Now Button

    But thats just a lot of clicking and typing IMHO. Call me lazy, its all right.

    Isnt there a possibility to have both links back in the not so distant future?
    I reckon it might be a small coding session for the new admin, or maybe this new system has it hidden somewhere


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    I too went searching for the "View unanswered posts" button after the site overhaul and was very disappointed to not find it. I used that button very frequently so that I could answer peoples' questions, but now I have to do all the clicking to get there. It's not so much the fact that it requires more clicking but that the only way I figured out how to look at 0 reply posts was from you, darklordsatan. Thanks!

    I would greatly appreciate it if the site admin could create a link to view unanswered posts so that it's easier for people to access it. I mean, isn't this site supposed to be about helping people with Linux? And if we make it more difficult for people to answer questions, it's sort of pointless.

    My two cents.

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    Thumbs up Yep, good suggestion...

    I totally agree with the above posters that implementing a single-click option for posts with zero replies is a very desirable and much needed feature. The current scheme of having to click 4 or 5 times in order to drill down to them is overly cumbersome.

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