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    Unnecessary extra step

    What will it take to make the complete thread tree lists show up the first time, without having to click on "More replies below current depth..."?????

    The tree list is given its own window - with scroll bar(s) - I personally think it is a bit ridiculous to show anything short of the entire list the first time it comes up (the list can be scrolled)...

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    If I'm understanding the question properly... you can change that setting in User CP / Options / Thread Display Options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozar
    If I'm understanding the question properly... you can change that setting in User CP / Options / Thread Display Options.
    I had set up "Hybrid" as the display mode. Also, I have "40" (max. avail.) as the number of posts per page -- I have yet to see all posts in a thread (> 1 page but < 40) show up on the first page upon arriving at the thread... (for what that is worth to admin)

    I am going to try "Linear" for a while - maybe I'll go back and try a different option later...

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    It is especially idiotic when "More replies below current depth..." turns into a single post entry...

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    the visitors setting is automatically set to the tree thing. get rid of it! i might be logged on when i usually come on here, but when i view it at college, it annoys me.
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    I don't mind so much having the option of displaying the "thread tree" window -- I just want the entire tree list to be present in the window --- good grief! --- it is IN A SCROLLING WINDOW -- it can't possibly hurt to have the whole tree list completely "unfolded" in that SCROLLING WINDOW -- (DUH!) -- it doesn't take up any extra space...

    It is kind of useless anyway unless it can be made to "follow" you down a long list of posts (in linear mode) so that it is always visible (to be referenced). It is only really useful in the basic mode where you only see one post at a time. And even so -- in that mode I got tired of constantly scrolling the page down to set that window back to the same place it was every time I clicked on another post --- in that mode, the page needs to be positioned exactly where it was before clicking the next post to view - so that when it comes up, the "thread tree" window is exactly where it was before clicking...

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