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    Members List

    I was scrolling through the members list recently and i noticed that there were many registered users that had 0 posts. Since keeps your account even if you don't ever use it, wouldn't it be better if there was a recent members list that only contained users that have been active in the last week?

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    there was one on the forumss page for a while but i think the list was too long so it was rm'd
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    I see. I didn't know that. Maybe it could be made to display user that have been on in the past 2 or even 1 days. I imagine that it would not become much larger that a few pages that way.

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    Another forum I use sent an email out asking that you login for your account to remain active, so it could wipe many unused accounts from the system. I think that's a good idea as it frees up some inactive usernames, and if you think about it, many people may have joined in the past and never even returned.

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    Deleting accounts with "zero" posts after six months, or maybe a year probably wouldn't hurt except that the total member count drops, if that's deemed important. Otherwise, I don't think that those accounts where the member has posted at least once in the past should be deleted, even when they've not been here for a while.

    On the other hand, I can live with it either way.

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    And there's not alot of people being turned away because their username is already taken..... throw in the fact that increasing the users to 100,000 inactive users does not really have an effect on the site... that's the beauty of SQL databases.....
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