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    Quote Originally Posted by zeeone
    Maybe all those people did not need to post because they found the answer.
    Could be, but a simple "hello everybody!" shouldn't be too hard....

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    Maybe they're lurkers or ppl that simply want to 'protect' their nicknames? Wouldn't it be better to have some requirement that new users must make at least one post with in a three month period after registration else the account be deleted, it would keep the number of 'dead' accounts a little lower.

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    but then you wouldnt get a larger member roster which looks impressive
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    Lurking as we put it is not by itself a bad thing. If you look at lurking just as you would surfing the net for information on various topics there is nothing wrong and everything right with it.

    Some people just don't want to post but still want to learn through others what this linux thing is all about. I see nothing wrong with that.

    As far as stat's issue,I only care about active users when considering how sucessfull a site is or is not. I don't care about total registered users. I know registered users is what many people focus on but its meaning less. Like has huge amount of registered users but not a huge number of active ones. It totally screws the reality of the sites success or lack of.

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    I agree with flw that site stats aren't very good for judging the success of a site. Since it is typically judged like that, it may be a good idea to implement something to automagically delete inactive users after X days, just so people that only look at statistics would have a better view of the success of our forums.

    On the other hand, people that only look at numbers and expect to judge the success of a community are just plain stupid, IMHO. :P
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    well if you want to delete one dead user then kill' tweety ' girl lost her pw: befor any posts and changed e-mail accounts..... so tweety is a dead me if you want the e-mail to confirm...
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