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    Direct global change options

    I have searched and searched and searched...

    Is there a way to execute a direct global change of the "Show your signature" option (on or off) on all your posts?

    It is good to be able to set a default - but, it is also good to be able to manually (aside from the default) set options on a global scale.

    Anyone else ever find themselves wanting to do something like this?

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    I don't quite follow you there, what do you mean?

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    At one time I had a signature - then I removed it (made it null) - then later put another in place -- during the time there was a "null" signature, my posts were not "marked" with "Show your signature" - even thought my default setting is to turn this option on.

    IMO, the "Show your signature" option should still be "marked" (set) on a post even if the signature is "null" - based on the default settings defined by the user - so that, at whatever time the signature becomes "non-null", it will show up in any post that had that option set.

    In other words, the post option should be set based on the user's defaults, and not over-ridden by whether the signature was "null" or not at the time --- this is VERY BAD logic --- the post option itself should not be affected by the length of the signature *at any time* - it should strictly be based on what the user's default settings (i.e., what the user wants) -- somebody wrote some really bad code somewhere...

    Put another way -- it is OK for the code to 'say' - "if the signature is null, then don't bother displaying a line with nothing under it" -- but it is not OK to change the "Show your signature" setting on the post just because [at the time] the signature is "null" -- "null" should be a legal/legitimate "value" for the signature -- whether the signature is "null" or not should only affect displaying the signature, but nothing else...

    "show the signature" and "display the signature" are two different things -- and should be treated as such (in/by the code).

    "Forget what I said in the original post..." -- that is just a "bandage fix" for what I now realize is the real problem...

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