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Thank you ozar for the explanation. And, for the record, I love the dancing banana...
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    Thank you ozar for the explanation. And, for the record, I love the dancing banana

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    Quote Originally Posted by seandiggity
    "If you don't like it, git out", eh?

    I'm surprised that criticism about such a small issue is unwelcome.
    Yes, that about sums up my opinion on the matter. Note that neither I nor any of the other moderators are the supreme dictator of the forum, so my opinion is just that. Rules are enforced at the discretion of the individual moderator, and those moderators may or may not choose to explain our reasoning behind enforcing them.

    Criticism is welcome, provided it is constructive. I see nothing constructive in your complaint. I see it as rather an unnecessary splitting of hairs about an issue that is largely irrelevant.
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    techi, u smell smoke in here? i do im gonna close the door...

    Quote Originally Posted by ForumRules
    Implementation of rules
    This is done entirely at the discretion of the moderator
    Enough said! This topic has now been beaten to death!
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    No animations - Regardless of how small the animation is. Some people find animations distracting when reading a thread. Because of the issues that would arise if we [in the signatures] allowed some animations but not other[ smileys in the signatures], the policy is no animations at all.
    Some people also find the use of animated smileis in posts distracting. (the [...] is to point out/clarify that which is the omitted topic (which while knowing the context of the paragraph, is quite obvious[ly not posts], at least to me but maybe that's just because I study a language(japanese) where the already understood is easily/often omited (stating the obvious is just, extra words and often makes sentaces clupsy))

    Quote Originally Posted by seandiggity
    The reason is that there are three animated smilies available for users: :drown:

    Whatever the moderators decide for rules, they should be consistent. The explanations quoted above don't make sense if there are animated smilies available.
    I don't see the problem with having animated smileys while disalowing them for signatures. Do you see a problem with people having knives (say kitchenknives, or those used for carving out wood) while it's forbidden to carry them on the streets (that's the law here in Sweden, unless one has an occupation that requires the work (or other good reasons) carrying a knife in public is illegal).

    NO images in signatures - Seeing large flashing images in between every other sentence is the most annoying thing in the world, therefore absolutely NO images are allowed in forum signatures. You may include one (1) non-animated Emoticon in your signature.
    I see the possible issue here, maybe it could be rephrased to:
    [...] therefore other than only one (1) non-animated Emoticon absolutely NO [other] images are allowed in forum signatures.
    (" [other]" is not needed, since it's understod, or is it?)

    (why do I suspect I'm going to make yet another post to explain it further why animated smileys are allowed in posts..?)
    Regards Scienitca (registered user #335819 - )
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