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    Defining 'MS bashing' is a matter of perspective.

    With the exception of "illustration" - as I have done above - nowhere in any of my posts will you find 'Microsoft' or 'Windows' spelled in any way other than I have done here in this sentence. Doing this does not indicate whether I agree or disagree with their opinions, statements, methods, policies, tactics, actions, etc. Rather, it simply indicates that I consider it reasonable to call them by their name.

    The same goes for the [token] names of the members of these forums -- I write names exactly as they are given - spelling, capitalization, [everything] - I do not modify them. If your name is 'AbC_____XyZ' (five underscore characters, upper A C X Z, lower b y), then that is exactly the way I am going to write it. Now, I am not saying it is "wrong" (by definition) to abbreviate 'techieMoe' to 'TM', and such as that. I would say it largely depends on what the member (whose name is being "abused") prefers. And since I do not know what each member would prefer, I choose to not "abuse" their name.

    This is by no means absolutely critical (it's fairly harmless in at least most cases) - but, as a matter of truth - I would prefer that people write my name (and I appreciate it when they do) as 'CodeRoot' ("one word", upper C R, lower [everything else]) -- not 'coderoot' or even 'Code Root' -- and this is based on what the name means to me. But, of course, I am not "terribly offended" or any such thing if it is not written "just so"... I just prefer it.

    In this way - generally speaking - I respect all entities for who and what they are (or, at least, I respect the fact that they have a name) -- whether I agree or disagree with [whatever]...

    If I should say:

    "I believe Microsoft has done more damage to the computer industry than anyone wants to admit."
    I am stating my opinion. This is NOT bashing. This is stating an opinion, based on personal belief. There is nothing wrong with that.

    I believe most people would agree that a necessary part of the requirement for the definition of "bashing" has to do with the "intent" of the person making the statement -- and this is the part that is different from person to person.

    Based on this - and you can believe this or you don't have to - in none of my posts (that I can recall) has it been my [specific] intent to "bash" Microsoft/Windows -- it may have been the subject of the conversation, but it was not the focus of my statements. The focus was on something related. As an example, I have made a number of statements regarding what I believe is the "senselessness" of people willfully supporting something they condemn. While the subject being discussed may have been Microsoft/Windows, the focus was something else...

    Otherwise, it was a personal observation or opinion like the quote above.

    Since the determinations by different people as to what level of "intent" qualifies something as "bashing" are so varied -- it would be reasonable for the membership to consider it valid that the forums leaders define what they consider to be a good "guideline" for what qualifies something as "bashing" --- as long as it is well defined AND it applies equally to all relevant entities/things --- I have noticed that the "level of intent" that seems to be associated with Microsoft/Windows is a lot lower than that associated with most other things... In other words, it seems to be O.K. to "bash" some things across the universe and back -- but, should a few words be spoken of Microsoft/Windows that is anything less than "flowery praise"...

    I don't know whether its about fear or [what] - I just think it's a bit ridiculous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenJackson
    IBM only went to Bill Gates as a second choice.
    I thought Bill Gates went to IBM...

    (I know what you mean. )

    But I always wonder how things would have turned out if Gary Kildall of Digital Research had behaved in a little more civil manner toward the IBM representatives that came to see him for an operating system for the PC.
    That's right -- a lot of things could have been different --- perhaps even for the better...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppoteete
    This is a Linux-oriented web forum. If the statements about: linux, vms, unix, windows, macOS, hurd, or any other operating system/company are not:

    1) perverted
    2) malicious to the extent to cause physical harm
    3) profane
    4) libelous

    then they should be counted as humor or the free expression of thought and ideology.
    I like this statement. Sounds fair to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apoorv_khurasia
    This is really sad. I too have myself seen many users misspelling microsoft. You should ban these users straightaway. Then the mods should delete all the posts that may create legal problems.
    Since when misspelling words is a crime?

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    Well i'm new here but here is my opinion.

    Any OS is amazing how ever buggy it may be, the fact it can control a computers hardware is truley an amazing feat of computer enginering. Every OS derserves some respect. I currently use windows and linux as they are both excellent in their own right, Linux is free and it is a great opertunity to lean more about computers as using Windows makes everything much easier with its vast array of drivers.


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    This dicussion is imho absolutely childish. Help other users instead of bashing MS and making fun of users that need to use Windows for the one reason or the other or that simply don't know as much as you about the pros and cons of different OSs. A filter-system would be even more childish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kojak
    This dicussion is imho absolutely childish.
    Agreed. Let's end it.
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    after Moe's first reponse to this thread i had pretty much dropped it. i figured since Moe is a moderator that his word was gold and needed no further discussion. why it went on this long i know not why.
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