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    Windows and Linux

    I have been fooling around with linux for about 6 years. Tried mandrake,redhat,knoppix,suse,unbuntu,xandros, to name a few of the distros I have tried. Linux distros are fun to look at and play with, but with the experience I have with them all is that Microsoft Windows has nothing to worry about in the mainstream. The old adage is you get what you pay for. I for one do not mind paying for windows. I know that it has had its share of security problems. But I can live with that. I am well statisfied with the working of windows xp. It has served my family well. My wife loves it. I use it as my "safe" system because I don't fully trust any linux distro I have ever installed. I always run a dual or tri boot system so I can boot back into windows to get most of my work done. I am not a idiot when it comes to computers. I build them and work on them and this thing about linux being better than windows is pure nonsense. I know that linux is stable, but so is windows xp. I have never had that much trouble out it. I keep my system updated and virus program up to date, check for spyware and everything goes well. The one thing I hate the most about linux is the look of the destop and fonts. I have changed the size of fonts and done all sorts of things to make it look good to the eye. Then the first thing you know I click on a website and cannot see the text at all. What a bummer. I never have that problem out of windows. You have to give Bill Gates credit for one thing. He has made the windows his passion for many years and I think it is a good system. I know when most of you Linux gurus read this you will grind me into the dust. But that doesn't matter, I know what I like and yes I will still fool with linux distros. But untill there is one built or one that gets updated to the place the looks and feel of it suits me, I will remain a mostly a windows fan.

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    i hope this thread will be closed

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    I smell a troll.

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    They may be your experiences - but I ask why you would join a forum to post this. Maybe you would have gotten on better if you joined the forum when you had your problems. This entire thread is redundant and not likely to produce any results other than an argument.

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