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    freedom of speech

    I posted a new thread about windows and linux and stated my opinion, and what do you know, the thread was closed. Is this America or a communist country.

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    hi WTE
    this are forums where people come for linux help.
    please read the forum RULES!!

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    Actually this is the internet - not a country. I'm moderating from Europe. Please read the forum rules

    This is not a place for negativity or sounding off, this is linuxforums. People come here for help and to offer it to others.

    Please refer specifically to this section of the rules -
    Negativity - Something we have discussed in the past is the number of "negative" posts that show up on this forum. A few examples of negative orientated topics are "worst distro", "do you hate microsoft", "i hate life", "what sucks more, microsoft or BSD", etc. To summarise, a negative topic is any topic that is likely to generate a lot of responses of a negative nature. In other words, this is borderline trolling. Expect these topics to be locked on sight from now on.
    And of course from the rules -
    Implementation of rules -
    This is done entirely at the discretion of the moderator
    Negativity is not beneficial to anyone, and the windows vs linux argument is old to pretty much everyone here. Feel free to hang around and help out or look for any help you need but remember that flaming and trolling is frowned upon here.

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