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Thread: great site...

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    great site...

    heya all

    first off, as a newbie to linux, i'd just like to give a big thanks and well done to the site dudes and all the people who contribute to make one of the best help sites i have ever used. when i was a windows user (a week ago ) i used experts-exchange a lot, and i must say, this far surpasses them for both speed and quality of results. i look forward to many happy hours trawling through the site, especially as most of my newbie questions have allready been answered with such clarity. so far every problem but one has been solved with this site. the only thing i havent been able to sort out is a BT voyager 105 (yes, a 105, not the 100) modem, but after trawling the site i came to the simple conslusion its a crap modem and intend to buy a router (its free, so i didnt think it would be up to much, and im pretty pissed at having to buy a new router, i already have one, but cant plug the crappy usb modem into an ethernet router for obvious reasons).

    i thought i would drop you guys a line about it, and take the opportunity to say how helpfull and informative this site has been. without this invaluable resource, i would still be stuck on windows

    keep up the good work peeps, and i'll chip in where i can

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    bt voyager 105

    Guess what? I got a BT ADSL account because they give away BT Voyager 100 which works with linux (it does I got one from e-bay). But they refuse to give any away now and give out the 105 instead.

    There are a few 100 left but you can only have one to replace "freaks" You must give the right error message from windows 98 et al to get a replacement for your 105. No I don't know the correct error message ( and I tried a few ) says it all

    You are (and I would have been) much better off to get a ethernet router, just plugs in the hub or switch and is no problem at all.

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    The link above goes to the wrong place, somewhere is a btsucks place with peoples experiences of listening to Swan Lake ie. waiting for support for hours and not getting any.

    The fact that bt think linux is a program running under Microsoft that prevents winsock working. They don't understand the words operating and system.

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    There is hope for the 105 because I am sending mine to the guy in Italy who does the 100 driver just to screw with BT

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