I am running firefox with images disabled because my 'net connection is just too darn slow. I am a student and can't afford highspeed, so this is my only way out.

This site however is optimized for people that can view images in their browser. The top navigation menu looks like this

This is a big issue for people that do not use images in their browser (I do believe I am not the only one on this forum with this predicament) In the css, there should be a setting to make the background color anything other than white, when a background image is not diplayed
.class1 {
    /* define the background image and include a default background colour when the image is not present, or not loaded */
    background: url(/path/to/image.gif) #0000DD
    /* some more code here 8/
This site is terrific, and receives a glorious amount of traffic. I would like to see the site appeal (cater?) to a much wider and more diverse set of clients including those that don't see images in their browser, have little or no javascript support, or whatever. I hope that my suggestion is persuasive enough to induce the webmasters/administrators to incorporate it. I do believe that implementing this will not be overly difficult. One only need to modify a single css file which will affect all of the pages that reference it.

I hope that someone can look into the matter.

Thank you,