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Thread: Samba?????

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    I thought samba was not being used anymore.
    So correct me if I'm wrong but has anyone tried mount.cifs?
    It gives you access to the windows servers, via your Linux box, if you have an account and is much more easier to use and setup than samba, it is a one line command.

    I was just wondering why the site does not have tutorial on this.
    Obviously I don't need it but others having trouble with setting up samba why? Use mount.cifs.

    I think the only thing is you need RedHat RHEL 4 or Fedora 4 and higher. I don't know other Distros but those two I'm pretty sure.

    Just a thought.
    Good Luck,

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    cifs = smb = samba = free smb

    That command is part of samba. The reason why we don't have a tutorial is because I guess no one has cared enough about it to write one.
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