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    What about a "Report post" link?

    I've seen this feature/function on a few boards and it's a good thing. What it does is that it allows users to report a post which they for some reason think a moderator should take alook at. The result is a sort of global pm (with a short message which the reporter writes) that the moderator(s) that's currently online sees, or the first moderator to come back if there is none present at the moment. The good things is that the psot will evaluted faster then by usual PM'ing (as the moderator to who the PM arrives might just be getting off line, resulting in that the time till the post is looked at might become longer.
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    Sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

    We don't really have a lot problem posts around here , but it could come in handy to assist mods in doing their job.

    In the meantime, users should feel free to PM any Moderator if they feel a thread gets out of hand...
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    something i'd hope we'd never need

    that's the sort of feature that would be nice, but would be a shame if it had to be used a lot.

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    OK so Im completely noob here so this might sound like hypocracy BUT...
    in other forums Ive seen that overused a lot.

    mainly by noobs who dont know the forum ...
    (like I dont know this one)
    Its an observation that its misuse by noobs reporting something they didnt like has ruined the offtopic of a perfectly good forum ... and this is continuing today becuase of a few people who were slighted....

    the fact they disagreed againt ME but someone else reported them seems crazy but the mods end up not knowing up from down... I know one of the mods resigned over this and another considered it.

    In nearly 5000 posts on the other forum I used it once and that was to make the point that it caused panic amongst the mods ....

    If anything gets outa hand it can be deleted/edited/whatever but that report button is just too much for overzealous people!!!
    just my 2c

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    I did look over at phpBB when this was initially suggested and didnt find a specific mod to do this.

    We do have a fairly active and strong moderator team, most duplicate and spam posts are removed within a matter of minutes, and no longer than a few hours.

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