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    Thumbs down Apparently, we have people that abuse power in this forum....

    Looks like another <snip> imposing some sort of power to give a quick response then close/lock the thread. Too bad I wasn't able to respond with a more tailored question but was given the old "I'm an expert - look here/don't ask this question" response.

    Other members with similar experience/advice to my post were also stripped of their right to respond.

    Typical of all forums...unfortunately, we look to forums based on whatever topic/hobby we need help with - otherwise forums wouldn't exist.

    Guess I'll go back to just lurking...

    Thread in question:
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    The question "which distribution should I use" is the single most common one on the forum, and 90% of the time the people asking these questions are either not willing to do the research needed or don't understand the fact that we simply cannot tell you what's "best".

    The general rule for posts like this is to give a helpful link (such as the one in the poster's signature) and close the thread. This done for several reasons, the foremost being to discourage lots of piggybacked "me too!" posts.

    This was not a personal attack on you. Your question was simply very broad and any number of distributions would work for your needs.
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    As techieMoe mentioned, the number of "Which distro...?" questions is simply too great. Plus, most of them have the same answer.

    Nevertheless, to answer some of your sub-questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by llebcire
    What I need from a distro:
    CD burning capabilities
    DVD ripping/burning capabilities (i.e Roxio)
    Audi/video player - Realmedia/etc.
    Photo editing (i.e Photoshop) don't like Gimp
    Nice graphics/etc.
    Any distro will do that, pick any of distrowatch's top ten to maximize your chances of getting pertinent support in case you have a problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by llebcire
    Downed Ubuntu 6.10
    Needed to dual boot - NOT the most user friendly partitioning software
    Finally let the OS re-size my NTFS partition -poof! Had to reformat as NT kernel was gone.
    Looked like an ok distro and I might try it again now that I have partitions
    If you have a problem with Ubuntu partitioning system, then simply use GParted Live CD instead.

    Quote Originally Posted by llebcire
    Mandriva Free 2007
    False/misleading advertising on their site and during the install - free version DOESN'T have realmedia/dvd player/etc.
    Well, that's the whole point of the free edition: to use only OpenSource software. It doesn't refer to the fact that it cost or not money.

    If you want the non-free codecs/drivers pre-installed, use Mandriva One instead (Gnome or KDE edition), in combination with the PLF repositories (see Easy URPMI for more on that, or simply search the forums).

    Good luck.
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    You should ask specific questions like Is it safe to resize NTFS? and fully understand what you are downloading instead of just blaming the distros in quest.

    Or even worse, blaming somebody who is just trying to help you without first reading the reason why your thread was locked on this forum or saying that this forum is Nazi
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    Quote Originally Posted by llebcire
    Looks like another <snip> imposing some sort of power to give a quick response then close/lock the thread.
    llebcire, calling other users names as you did above is considered trolling and is against the forum rules:

    Please resist your temptation to troll on the forums.

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