Okay, I tried installing the *official* Linux version that CCP now offers for EVE Online.

In Ubuntu, it installs perfectly. I launch it, I see the splash screen (very nice), and then it goes to the screen where I would (I suppose) read the license agreement and enter my username/password. However, there is no text. Yes, I have msttcorefonts installed. Yes, I have copied arial.ttf (in all its various forms) into the windows/fonts directory and the EVE fonts directory under .cedega. I've tried the game under every different Windows setting (you can only play it on win2k or later). I have tried disabling Vertex Shaders. I tried switching from dash to bash. Nada.

In OpenSuSE it installs perfectly. I launch it, I see the splash screen, and then nothing happens. The splash screen disappears and there is nothing.

Anybody have any idea for either of these problems? I'd really like to play, but I'm not going to go ahead and sign up and start paying $20/month for something that I'm not able to pay. To post on their forums you have to be a registered player, and for that you have to sign up and pay.