Wrong time beginning of Mplayer time display on playing ts or m2ts file

When playing ts or m2ts file, my mplayer's time-display not begins at zero second, but begins at 10:00 minutes, or 53 minutes, depending on the different ts/m2ts file. But the audio/video plays at the right beginning.

Therefore, audio/video right, time display wrong. The result is that the external subtitle loaded also begins at the wrong thread, and causes a mis-syncronization.

However, when playing avi.,mkv files, mplayer gives the right time display. In other word, the time display begins at the right beginning.

Version of mplayer:2:1.0~rc2-0ubuntu19(jaunty)
Version of ubuntu: 9.04 jaunty
Kernel Linux 2.6.28-11-generic
GNOME 2.26.1

I guess that mplayer doesn't analyze the beginning of ts/M2TS file in the right way. BTW, these ts/m2ts file plays at the correct beginning under windows os.

Does anybody know why? And how to fix this problem?