what i'm basically trying to do is take 3 stand up comedy dvd's, rip them to hard drive and make a compilation DVD using "qdvdauthor" to burn out to an 8.5gb DL disk.

I've already tried doing a similar thing with 3 feature films with 100% success. Each film on that compilation is as good as the source it came from, and there are no issues with picture quality.

The problem i'm having is when I convert any of the stand up DVD's to an MPEG compatible file and burn it to disc, when I play it on my DVD recorder on my TV, the movement of the guy on stage is "wobbly". I would provide an example, but the thing is, when I play the MPEG file on my monitor it plays fine.

The procedure I follow is this ..

Rip the DVD to hard drive using DVD Fab under Wine.
Run avidemux on the DVD folder to convert it to an MPEG compatible file.

The options I use on avidemux are :

video - DVD(mpeg2enc)
i lower the default bitrate from 9000 to 8000 to slightly lower the filesize of th e MPEG file
audio - AC3(lavc) and bitrate of 192

When avidemux is finished, I used DeVeDe to convert the file again to lower the bitrate even further to get a compatible MPEG file that is aroung 2.7gb in size, which will allow me to fit this and 2 more files of the same size on an 8.5gb DVD.

I tried initially using avidemux with the same settings as above, and leaving the bitrate at 9000. I set it to a 2 pass encode for file size and set it to 2700 kbs, and it worked fine and encoded the file exactly to 2.7gb in MPEG format, but still gave me the same "wobbly" result when played back on my TV.

I tried the same using the "Anime" matrices, but still the same.

So i'm stumped. I can assume there must be some kind of filter I can apply to compensate for a PAL television playback, or some kind of motion filter that will cut down on this.

Or is it something else ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.