Hello, I am looking for a Graphical (2D or 3D)
Version of the game Berserk! (Berserk!)
Does anyone know such a game? Since I am looking for one for quite a while now...
I have been thinking about writing one myself. But a Lack of Graphics (and C++ knowledge in the early days) stopped me for about 4 times now..

So I have a couple of Questions now.
Does anyone know a 2D or 3D version of this game?
Does anyone Fancy to help me develop such a game? (Artists and Coders..)

Well, I guess that that covers it.
I hope somebody knows a 2D Graphical Version of Berserk. Since for some reason I hate RogueLike.. :P


(I once made a Doom Mod simulair to this.. But that got kinda boring since you couldnt learn skills or stop the monsters from killing each other...)
(I like the Skulltag Version of this game, though I miss the levels)
(Crap this game is Turn Based thats not what I want either.. :/ )