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Thread: assaultcube

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    hey i decided i need a fps game for my linux,however i need help

    ok so i dled the game it came as a tar.bz2 file
    went to terminal and mv it to /usr/local/src
    then i tar -jxvf
    the next step is configure, then make, then install HOWEVER, the website for the game said "Linux: cd to the main AssaultCube directory and execute" and there was no configure file also
    therefore, I did this, cd to assaultcube foler and then i "chmod +x"
    then i "sh"
    then this error came up ".//bin_unix/linux_client: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

    anyone help?

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    You need SDL_mixer, its a library needed by most linux games you'll probably discover. If you're using ubuntu or any other binary (.rpm, .deb, etc.) distro download lib-sdlmixer via the package manager or site. Otherwise download the source from

    You will need libsdl as well if you don't have that, and if this is your first time installing a program from source, you may encounter other errors similar to this. Simply google whatever the missing file is and download it from their website in a similar manner. Enjoy.

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    thx it worked however i hate linux now for games, nothing works on it and when it does work, the game has a really gay super lag, the FPS rate was 2 lol, i dont think its my system problem cuz when i use windows, CS or WoW runs fine at lyk 40-50 FPS so i think it has to do with linux... sigh

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    If you're getting such low framerates you probably don't have the proper video drivers installed for your graphics card. Both Nvidia and ATI provide drivers for linux, though historically nvidia's have been much better, so I'd advise you to download the proper drivers and then try to game.

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