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    Installing PnP Driver to install alsa drivers

    I am a very new Linux user.
    I have Red Hat 9 kernel ASUS Mobo P4P 800-E Deluxe
    The mobo includes support for sound and included Alsa drivers although I downloaded the latest version.
    I have reviewed many of the suggestion on this board as well as downloading a lot of How-to but I;m not sure what to do next.
    At root I am running:
    ./ configure --with-isapnp=yes switch
    Although it finds ISA PnP driver in kernel the next line
    says PnP driver in kernelů no

    My question is where do I get this driver and how do I install it.

    I have considered installing isapnptools but not sure whether this will work.

    Thank you for any guidance you can give.

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    Lol, this sounds exactly like me. I have the P4P800, and was attempting to install the ALSA drivers for my integrated sound card on RH9 with a 2.4.x kernel. Take a look at this thread for some help, although basically, it isn't possible on the 2.4.x. Time to look at upgrading to 2.6.x


    Robert Peaslee
    Taking a walk on the wonderful path computers have lain before me

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    Thank you for the link. That really helps and has saved me a lot of time going down the same cul-de-sac.

    I am curious as to what you decided to do:
    Did you upgrade the kernel to 2.6.6? I believe you can install it along side others and select it when the GRUB bootloader appears.
    Or did you switch to Gentoo?
    Was it difficult uninstalling/removing RH
    Is your sound now working?

    I have got a lot of How To stuff on kernel updates but would be interested in your experience of this.

    Thank you again for your input

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    I attempted Fedora Core 2, but had some problems with installing from DVD media. Then I found out about the 2.6.x Master Boot record thing, and didn't try installing any other distrobutions until I learned more.

    Uninstalling RH9 is as easy as formatting the partitions it resides on, then installing another distrobution in the now empty partitions.

    I looked around at upgrading RH9 to the 2.6.7 kernel, but it seemed a little too complicated for my current knowledge of linux. I am going to a LUG later today, I am hoping some of the other people's knowledge will rub off on me :-P

    My sound is still not working. After FC2 decided to not cooperate, and me being nervous about the 2.6.x MBR thing, I reinstalled RH9. So now I can't access the internet or have sound, but it is a good way to learn the basics so I can do something like install Gentoo or Slackware later.

    Care to share those links on updating the kernel? Most of the ones I looked at were manuals, and not the easiest things to read :-D

    Best regards,

    Robert Peaslee
    Taking a walk on the wonderful path computers have lain before me

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    Kernel Rebuild Guide

    I know what you mean about not running before walking; although, I am still crawling.

    The best kernel rebuild information comes from Kwan Lowe ( It is still a work in progress but appears to be thorough and clear. Go to:

    I managed to get printing and internet connection up without a fuss. I am going to leave the kernel rebuild and sound for later and move onto networking. RH Bible in hand!

    Thanks for the formatting tips.

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