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    Chuzzle & Luxor in Linux

    I set up a 30 pc lab with Edubuntu (Gutsy) and I am getting requests from the kids for two games that I have not located in Linux. One is Luxor, or any derivative, the other is Chuzzle. Both are weird PopCap type games, nothing great, but the kids are asking so... Any suggestions aside from WINE?

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    I'm not sure if these games will work in WINE, but you should be able to play the Flash-based web versions of them on the PopCap website. Or is internet access restricted on these machines?

    I looked this up on the WineHQ applications database, which offers descriptions of how well some programs work in WINE, and the prognosis isn't good. Chuzzle apparently will install but not run and I couldn't find an entry for Luxor at all.
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    Chuzzle & Luxor in Linux


    My name is Mike and I am an avid linux user. I came across your reply regarding Chuzzle & Luxor in Linux dated 11-30-07. Luxor is now available natively for Linux on the following web site.
    Luxor for Linux

    There is a demo available and the full game is available for purchase for $19.95
    As for Chuzzle I would think this would have to be tried under Wine.
    There is a 1.0 release of Wine so it could be worth it to try Chuzzle again with Wine 1.0. Hope this information is helpful for users of the forum.

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    Have you Considered...

    i haven't had too much experience with linux as far as the CLI and coding goes, but there's a program that I use for Windows gaming on linux called Play On Linux. This program is build on top of wine and actually uses Wine to help execute and run windows applications. They don't stop there, though. They have you set up a prefix for each application so that if you need another program (i.e. Directx) to run a program, you can add it to a program and run the two in tangent so that the applications will run properly. Despite the name, Play On Linux runs more than just games. It can run MS Office, IE explorer, etc. I seriously recommend checking it out. Everything about how it works is explained in the website and they even have a section of the program itself that shows commonly used programs you can either download straight through the program from a server, or have it help you with the installation process. I hope that helps and goodluck!

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