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    Boot into nes emulator?

    OK so i am admittedly a linux newb and I am wondering if what i want to do is possible on my very old laptop. I recently got a Toshiba Tecra 530CDT that has the pentium mmx 166 (i think processor.. maybe 165) anyway it also only has 64 megs of ram. I was wondering if it is possible to have a live cd that will boot right into a nes emulator and if so is there enough power and ram to do so on this old laptop.

    i did go to this thread and found it somewhat helpful. Any help would be amazing. Also if it is not possible...any ideas on what i can do with this.

    Thanks so much for any input

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    First off, I'm a linux newb but have used console emulators for quite some.

    In my experience, console emulators are usually quite demanding on video hardware. Not demanding like, HL2 demanding, but demanding in the sense that I use onboard graphics from my 4 year old dell and get a pretty cruddy fps on ZSNES. I would probably say that you will have trouble running an NES emulator with that computer, even with the barest of linux distros.

    As to getting an emulator to run on startup, thats just merely running the command for the emulator on startup, which varies based on the distro and is usually very easy.

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