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    Cinelerra format problems

    I hope there are some Cinelerra gurus out there.
    I've installed a recent version of Cinelerra on my Mandriva system. I understand it's not very polished but does appear to be usable. I'm having a couple of frustrating problems, though.
    What I'm trying to do is edit a captured video file that was in MPG format. It appears that Cinelerra cannot edit MPG's, so I converted it to MOV. (Having no luck with ffmpeg, I finally got the file converted with VLC, but that's another story.) This MOV file plays in other media playes so I assume it's OK. I can load it into Cinelerra BUT there appears to be no sound. There are two audio tracks showing below the video track but they look empty - no waveform showing. Yet I see no indication of any error when the file loads. I know you can load audio tracks separately, but when you have a video track with audio, you shouldn't need to do that. Is there a way to troubleshoot this, make Cinelerra run in verbose mode or something? (If I attempt to pass it options on the command line, it thinks I'm passing it a file.) I've also tinkered with the sound output device settings, just in case the sound is there but not displaying for some reason. I've set it to the same configuration (alsa, SiS sound card) used by my media players. But no sound comes out.
    The second issue was that when I edited the file and attempted to render it into something useful, it produced a huge file that couldn't be read in any players. There are so many choices in encoding, compression and packaging and no clue as to what makes sense. What options would I choose for a standard MPG or MOV file?
    Thanks very much for any help you can give me,

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    cinelerra format

    Hi vaughnt,

    Cinelerra can use several format and codecs. But a few are really good for Cinelerra. It can handle well DV format, mpeg2 format, mpeg1 format, and mov format with some certain codecs into it. For you format (or codecs) problem I would advice you first to ask the Cinelerra people on irc:// A second solution is to use one the following software to convert your original media:
    - either tabencode ==> t@b Media Converter (linux/osx/win32) | - Video Editing Software and More (use avi for ZS4 compositing)
    - or tovid ==> Installing tovid - Tovid Wiki - a Wikia wiki (when installed, use tovid-interactive in the command line and use mpeg2 PAL format).
    Another solution should be to compile the svn source version. With that version you will be abble to play and work with ogg(theora,vorbis) files.

    good luck

    Roland (wildhostile)

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