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    Cedega red alert 2 mouse slowing down game

    Alright i was up all last night installing and cracking and finaly got the buildings from blowing up but now i have a problem which kind of ruins the point of playing. Im running this off Cedega 6.0 and win 98 is the windows its simulating.
    now when the mouse is not moving i would say I've never seen it run so good.
    but, when the mouse moves its slows down the game well By Much. annoying when I'm trying command my armies and build my buildings. i want to know if there is a solution to stop the mouse from slowing down the gameplay when it's moving.
    any help would be appreciated.

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    I am definitely not one to take advice from, but just in case I am on to something....
    check your xorg.conf file and see if there is an option for "swcursor."

    I had a problem getting Fedora to show a cursor, and I was told of this nifty "swcursor" option (credit due to someone from this IRC channel --don't remember the name, though), which makes the software, not the hardware, draw the cursor. The majority of the time hardware is (a) default and (b) supported, but just in case something happened and for some reason you are running with the swcursor option, it might be the root of your problems.
    If it is there, delete the option or enter
    option   "hwcursor" "on"
    (I think) under the display area and reboot Xwindows. Since hwcursor should be default, either should work.
    I'll say again that I'm by far no expert right now, so sorry if this doesn't help.

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