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    Here's a question about Neverwinter Nights 1.

    I installed NWN1 on my Ubuntu 7.10 laptop yesterday (without WINE), and the game seems to work very well. One problem I have is sound. It is choppy, like it isn't sampling enough.

    I followed some instruction here, but it didn't help.

    Further down that same page, one member suggested changing the frequency from 48 KHz to 96 KHz in the .asoundrc file. What is that file, where is it, and can it be called something different? I have searched, but found nothing.

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    Do you have direct rendering set up? you can check with

    glxinfo | head
    Also, have you got the latest version of the client? I recall that some of the earlier versions are particular about the colour depths they work at and suffer very poor performance otherwise.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    I now get this message:

    mcop warning: user defined signal handler found for SIG_PIPE, overriding
    Creating link /home/mitch/.kde/socket-mitch-laptop.
    can't create mcop directory
    I can't even start NWN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lich View Post
    I now get this message:

    I can't even start NWN.
    In first place, that *error* doesn't seem to be wine-related at all. mcop is part of kde, so, that might just be one of the zillion spammy messages that kde applications like to randomly throw into your terminals.

    Besides that, NWN works just fine in wine, but you can also run it natively without wine on linux. Just use the instructions:

    Neverwinter Nights: Neverwinter Nights For Linux

    This assumes that you have a valid key and a legal copy of the game. Instructions for the expansions are also around.

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