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    Audio converter, mp3/m4a to ogg

    I just got rid of MS Windows after using it for the past 15 years (my whole life) and all my music is in either mp3 or m4a. I'd like to use ogg from now on. Does anyone know of a good audio conversion program (preferably graphical) that can convert mp3 and m4a (I dont mind using two different programs, but it'd be nice if they were one) to ogg? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I dont mind if its proprietary, and possible legality issues don't concern me.

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    Most software, like SoundConverter is open source and free, and graphical

    I would recommend not converting your whole library however because any time you re-sample an already compressed format, the quality goes down. But from here on in, if you want to use ogg I would recommend that, as it can store higher quality files in less disk space (because you do not need such a high bitrate in ogg to have the same quality as mp3)
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    Ok, thanks for the info! I guess I'll keep my existing songs in their formats, if I can get Banshee to play m4a's that is. Thanks, though.

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    Amarok plays m4a fine, I would imagine it's just a case of getting the right codecs installed. I use the Xine backend with Amarok, I believe Banshee uses Helix. That is of course unless your m4a files are DRM'd files from iTunes, in which case they are lost....

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    Bigtomrodney, see the post I made before this one on playing m4a's on Banshee.

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