hi i apologize if this is the wrong section to post. i have a problem when watching a korean drama, normally when i am using the gui version of mplayer on my mac i can get it to recognize my subtitle file, which in this case is ".srt"
i have tested the file on vlc and it runs correctly. however i would like to get it to run on my linux.(sabayon 3.4 standard dvd version x86).
i read the instructions for loading a specified sub file since it obviously was not auto-detecting it. so i typed in the code: "mplayer -sub", specified my subtitle file and then my video file like this: "mplayer -sub ~/bad_family01.srt ~/bad_family01.avi" and pressed enter. the movie started to play however the subs never came up. what do i do to get the subtitles working?

thanks in advanced for your help