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    funky surround sound

    Hey all,

    I have just set up alsa and it works beautifully for my system. One problem though:

    Front Left outputs to Front Left
    Front Center outputs to Rear Left
    Front Right outputs to Front Right
    Rear Right outputs to Front Center
    Rear Left outputs to Subwoofer
    Rear Center outputs to Rear Right

    Can anyone tell me how I can change how things are output so that they are output to the correct speaker?

    btw I am using the onboard audio for my
    DFI Lanparty 865 PE
    which is:
    C-Media CMI9739a 6-channel codec

    - legit

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    well first i'd double check if everything is plugged correctly
    also, what player are you using? try more players and see if it works. there might be something you need to change in player settings. for example, in smplayer i had to set sound to 5.1 in preferences to get real surround. other than that, i can't help you...

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