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    Audio and Video out of sync

    I'm using dvd::rip to rip and encode dvd's but some of the resulting avi's have issues with audio/video syncronization (though some of them come out fine). The video is always behind the audio (or the audio is ahead of the video). Some of them, the video is only a fraction of a second too slow, others its almost a full second or more behind. As I said, I'm using dvd::rip to rip dvd's to avi files, using the xvid4 codec, and keeping the original ac3 audio. Here's one of the files:
    # Movie information file. Generated by dvd::rip;
    Title:                 The_Island
    Data source:           DVD
    DVD title number:      18
    Runtime:               02:16:02
    Video format:          NTSC
    FPS:                   23.976
    Size:                  0 x 0
    Video bitrate (kbps):  4143
    Video codec:           xvid4
    2-pass-encoded:        yes
    Fast resizing:         no
    Deinterlacer filter:   
    Antialiasing filter:   No antialiasing
    [Audio 1]
    DVD audio track id:    0
    Language:              en
    Audio codec:           ac3
    Channels:              6
    Sample rate:           48000
    Audio bitrate (kbps):  448
    dvd::rip version:      0.98.8
    transcode version:     1.0.5
    Anyone have any suggestions on things I could try? Should I use a different codec? A different program all together? Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, its the other way around. The audio is behind the video.

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    Linux User peteh's Avatar
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    You can use ProjectX to split video/audio and then use mplex to put it back together. Mplex may already be installed check 'man mplex'.

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    Before creating the DVD, I use avidemux to fix the audio/video sync.

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