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    halo demo and linux?

    I was wondering if anyone has installed the halo demo on linux and if so what were the commands on wine

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    Cool It works... kinda

    i got the halo demo to work fine on my debian box, the textures suck but the sound is in synch and theres very little lag, cedega failed to install the game for me and install hung on the "creating system icons" message. so i ctrl alt esc'd the installer (which was 99% complete), opened konsole cd'd my way to ~/.cedega/halo demo/c_drive/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo Trial, typed cedega halo.exe and *POOF*. the chat function doesn't work in multiplayer (which pisses me off to no end, theres nothing worse than pwning some retard night after night and never being able to ridicule him) beyond that and the lame textures the gameplay is faster than win or mac.

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