Hi Everyone - Not a newbie - Not an expert But I need some help..

I am trying to set up a Linux Server for Unreal Tournament - I have the GOTY Edition.

I can install and run UT on my PCLinuxOS box ( the Distro I like using ) and even play on-line with it.

What I can't do is set up a dedicated server - On Any Linux Platform ( Gentoo - PCLinuxOS - Fedora among others), the game will start and I can play it - BUT when I try to start a multiplayer game - I set up the Map rotation, Bots, Weapons, Mutators etc THEN Hit the "Dedicated" button -- the GAME CRASHES - EVERY TIME.

I want to set up a server that I can run Unreal Tournament on - on whatever distro is best but I need your help.

I need a step by step instruction - I've looked everywhere - Google too - I get some help but that help assumes I am a LINUX Expert and a keyboard NINJA

The Hardware I have is very adequate so we don't need to go into that ( P4 2 gig - 1 Gig Ram - 150 Gig HD - I have bot NVidia and ATI Video cards I can use - both are 128 mb)

What I am looking for is basically a handholding - 1st do this then do this type of thing.

I also have some installers I got from Princess Leia site for both the GOTY and regular versions.

Can anyone out there PLEASE help ?????