Im just about to make a LFS for myself, and one of the things I want it to do is be able to stream videos from the internet (eg. youtube, etc.) to my xbox 360 via my laptop. I already got uShare working perfectly, but I dropped my laptop on the side with the headphone jack (with something plugged in) and it bent something inside. I would normally open it up and fix it (I might, actually), but I was kind of afraid it would void the warranty.

Anyway, is there any program or script I could use to stream videos from youtube to my xbox? I was thinking maybe a script where I just enter the url to the .flv file, or even the page for the video and have it find the flv file, then transcode and stream it to my 360. Is this plausible? The biggest problem I can see is no transcoder available for flv files. Also, I dont think I ever got transcoding working for ushare. Is it even included?

Another question; On my brother's (gaming) windows XP desktop, he is able to switch around the sound plugs, like making the mic plug output sound, just from the desktop. Can I do this to output from the mic plug on my laptop? I have a feeling it is just a couple lines in the terminal to change something in /dev, but I don't know. The problem is the computer always thinks there is something pluged into the headphone jack, so it disables the speakers. Even if I can't switch the plugs, can I atleast force sound to come out of the speakers?

No one at the Ubuntu or Debian forums understood what I meant in that last paragraph, please tell you you do... Sorry about the long thread and numerous questions, I wasn't expecting it to be this long.