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    [SOLVED] Doom 3 problem

    I'm new to linux, but old to computers. I'm going off to college soon and they require a high end computer so i decided to make one. I have a quad 6600 intel, xfx 680i LT sli, xfx 8600 gt 512 mb ddr3, maxtor hd, sony dvd drive, 700 watt psu, and 2 gigs of ram. I booted up Ubuntu fine and noticed the linux patch of doom 3 (which is one of my favorite games). So I started the patch, put all of the neccesary files in the folders and when i try to start the game, the screen blinks at me and changes the resolution without starting the game. I tried to use the other patch made by the linux community that puts all of the files in the folders for you, same problem. I think that i should also telll everyone that linux won't let me put any drivers on my computer for some strange reason (i click on the file and tell it to run and nothing happens). I think the two are correlated, but I really don't know. Again, I am a noob to linux and any help will be much obliged.
    Thanx for your time everyone!

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    So, I did some homework and found out why the driver wasn't working. But this brings up a new problem, the driver ( says i have to take out the x server and be in runlevel 3. I know the commands to both (sudo init 1 for x server and sudo telinit 3 for runlevel) but the computer doesn't respond when I change the runlevels after I disable X server.
    again please help

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    The two important things to notice here are that Ubuntu is Debian based and uses a different runlevel system to most other SysV distros. It has only two runlevels and neither will shutdown X. The second thing is that you don't have to (and in fact shouldn't) install the nVidia drivers by hand in Ubuntu. Ubuntu can automatically install them for you. Go to System > Administration >Hardware Drivers (for 8.04) or System > Administration > Restricted Driver Manager (for 7.04 and 7.10) and it will automatically install them for you.

    It is much better to do it this way as then when you have kernel updates your nVidia driver will be automatically installed for you.

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    thanks a billion, I got doom up and running and the video card works flawlessly
    much obliged

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