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    Playing/downloading .ram streams with mplayer

    I've searched about it quite a lot, but wasn't able to find a solution yet.

    The problem comes specifically from addresses like this:

    (lecture from the paleontologist Peter Ward)

    I've tried things like:

    mplayer -v -playlist <address>

    mplayer -v -playlist -dumpstream <address> -dumpfile <name.I.made.up.rm>

    mplayer -v -playlist <address> -dumpstream -dumpfile <name.I.made.up.rm>

    And other permutations of the parameters, but to no avail.

    I was testing whether this sort of "indirect" address ("php?id=####" is what I mean by "indirect", I don't know if that's the correct jargon) was the problem, and I think it may be. I tried:

    mplayer -playlist -dumpstream -dumpfile island.rmv

    ...which I got from a page on the gentoo wiki, and it partly succeeded, but only weirdly mininally.... there must be only like 3 frames downloaded or less, but enough to see that something was downloaded (I can pause on a green screen with that message "the following preview has been approved for all audiences").

    I know that I can download the .ram, then get the address of the .smi, download it, then get the address of the rstp://, but there must be a way to speed things up... as realplayer itself plays directly from the .ram on the internet, or even from this sort of "indirect address" I mentioned before.

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    I think I found something for you. I hope it helps.

    It looks like you might need a Mythstream wihich is a plug in for Myth TV. I dunno if you want to get all that but at least you have the option if you really want to. The plug in should support asx .ram .rm .pls and .m3u.

    MythStream - an opensource application

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