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    any good media players....

    i just started using linux like a couple of days ago and the only thing that is makin me want to go back to windows is winamp.... isn't there any program out there like that... cause i want to be able to have playlist and stuff like that... instead of searching my hard drive to play one song.... and also i have been wondering how to install stuff... cause this is so much different than windows... lol but i got the linux live cd and liked it so i installed it to the hard drive...

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    Check out mplayer, xmms and xine. Both at

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    well i have xine but how would you make playlist and stuff like that... plus xine dont work with my usb soundcard... but there is one called xmms or something that works with my soundcard but i cand find how to make playlist. And for mplayer.... i cant figure out how to install it... just like grip.... i cant install anything... please help me... i really like linux but i know nothing about it.... i am on linux so i can learn how to make my own web server cause i am a web designer but i found that i like linux so much better than windows...

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    1) Xmms is just like Winamp... You use it the exact same way.
    2) Discover RPM, it'll be your best friend till you get comfy. There's a nifty tutorial under tutorials here. Better yet, if you're using Mandrake, you can use urpmi. Fedora uses something similar called apt-get.
    3) A lot of distros won't ship with mp3 encoders and players, but you can install the codecs yourself (via rpm) and they'll work like a dream.

    Gp here:

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    ok if you use Kde as your window manager then try the program AMOROKE it has streaming radio can add all your music files , if you want movies ect as well use kaffeine 4.3 then download libdvd.css and you can play dvd's organize your music and media files and add streaming audio by way of actually I use kaffeine for most everything now though I do prefer mplayer for movies and dvd's

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