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    Guild Wars with WINE on Suse 10.3 working

    I've had alot of people that I know asking me for a while about Guild Wars on SuSe.

    I thought i would post this up since ive seen questions about GW here on this forum from time to time.

    So, here it is...

    First make sure your Vid drivers are up todate. Im running "Nvidia Driver Version 173.14.09 on Linux-x86"
    Install wine, I'm pretty sure just about any of the latest versions of wine will work.
    Then go to Welcome to the Official Guild Wars Website and download the .exe from thier site to your desktop.
    Run: System, Windows application installer.
    Click File, install from cd, and select the GwSetup.exe, or if its zipped unzip it and select the GwSetup.exe from the extraction.

    Once the install is complete and GW starts you will need to set Guild Wars to window mode. In full screen mode at 1024x768 you may get graphic errors and/or glitch's. But, in window mode the graphics will run perfectly. I have not tested different resolutions so results may very if using anything other than 1024x768.

    Last thing: once you enter Guild Wars expect a long long duration of Background Downloading causing a high ping rate and lower fps causing some lag. Once the downloads are complete things will get much much better

    System specifications:
    Suse 10.3
    AMD XP Clawhammer
    Geforce 7950GT
    2 Gigs Ballistix
    Also running dual monitors using extended "May be one of the reasons for full screen graphic problems - not a big deal"

    I know this is pretty simplistic information so if you have any questions im free to answer any of them.

    Hope this little tid_bit of info helps.
    Last edited by Natures_End; 07-13-2008 at 09:29 PM. Reason: added in information about the ping and downloads for the game

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