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    Podcast feed on Amarok and Songbird

    Odd one here. Any advice welcome!

    Mandriva 2008.1, KDE

    Added a podcast feed to Amarok. It found it and downloaded the files. When I try to play them in Amarok it flags up no suitable demux for the file which is an mp3 file. mp3 audio files play fine.

    More than one way to skin a cat so I download Songbird. Add the feed and click on an episode to listen to. Comes up with a box asking me what application I want to use to deal with this file.

    So I select Amarok. And it damn well plays the feed.

    So I install Rhythmbox and add the feed as an itunes feed as the feed is published both ways. And Rhythmbox plays the feed perfectly.

    Any ideas why Amarok and Songbird had issues with the feed?

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    I have the same problem, and I'm using Debian.
    I pretty much gave up choosing which application to use - I tried them all (I think...) with a history a little like this: Music folder now moved to another partition. Rhythmbox pointed to see the new folder and set up library for it.

    Started trying to download podcast feed - managed to download one episode in Opera browser (resumes downloads) - put it in Rhythmbox and it stopped once or twice.
    Loaded Banshee - set it to view podcast folder and no music! Working !

    Miro turned out to be the best - reliable as iTunes, however the first time I tried maybe the networking here was too weak and I couldn't get the download. Now I get my .ogg and .mp3 downloads and they're managed nicely in Miro which also has a great browser, but it's just as easy to browse somewhere else.

    If you click the iTunes links, it links in Rhythmbox - you copy the url from there and put it in Miro - simple go for it!

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